The Summer Starts!a glorious morning!

Round 1 of the Summer Champs! Held on a blisteringly sunny Sunday morning at Daytona Sandown Park....

Due to work commitments it had been a long lay off for Adrian, his last visit to the track was for Round 2 of the Winter Championships, his one showing in this competition stii giving him a pleasing 15th position overall in the table.

Although it was a beautiful day to race, some race rust and a couple of extra kilos did their damage! Qualification found Adrian at the back of the grid.

This was unfortunately the shape of things to come. Although happy enough with his driving as the day progressed Adrian had little to offer that would challenge the opposition on this occasion. A transponder failure at the start of the race meant that there was no quantitive evidence of his progress, but as lap times were slow across the board there is little chance that a purple lap was missed!

Still, it was a lovely day to be in a kart!

Hopefully a better race next time out!