winter is coming!a miserable morning!

Round 2 of the Winter Champs! Held on another miserable Sunday morning at Daytona Sandown Park....

Drizzle had made things difficult, but a blown engine and oil on the track saw qualification almost destroyed with a 20 minute red flag to the session.

A semblance of qualification was finally achieved, but so much time had been lost that the race was resyricted to a D40.

To be honest things did not improve much. Finding a drivable line through turn 1 was almost impossible! Even thiugh the track did dry a bit as the race progressed, the event was run under prolonged yellow flags and times realistically ceased to mean much.

Still, a few laps, even in adversity never hurt and it was a championship round!

Although a very frustrating morning at the end of the season they all count!.

Hopefully a better race next time out!